With the overwhelming amount of metal being created out there these days, I find myself going to my old catalogue to re listen to old greats, Testament, Nuclear Assult, or Overkill. Rarely do I find a band in the present era that captures this classic feel. Welcome to AXEMASTER. Signed with Pure Steel Records and combining elements of traditional metal, doom, and I say Alternative, this band has been killing it since the 80’s with over nine official releases. In 2015, They released the full length album “Overture to Madness”. Touring that up for a bit they got themselves back in the studio and a year later created “Crawling Chaos”, their latest release. On a very cool side note, the label will be re-releasing a collection of the band’s material from the 80’s and early 90’s as a vinyl 2 record set. So keep your eyes out for that! Axemaster has graced the stage with classic acts like Grim Reaper, Sebastian Bach, Riot, on performed on Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse, and Hollowfest. You can find them on websites such as “Metal Hammer”, “Rock Hard”, “True Metal Lives”, and “Metal Bulletin”. This true nostalgic metal act consists of Geoff McGraw: Vocals, Joe Sims: Guitar, Damin Bennett: Guitar, Denny Archer: Drums, Jim Curtis: Bass. The five piece tears it up on this new release with a lot to offer. Chops for days. The track “Aldor Rof” (Beowulf), reminds me of bands like Turisas, and Finntroll. While the track “Death Before Dishonor” has that old school 90’s Testament structure. This album will bring you back to metal when it was driving and its only purpose was to create metal anthems. Crawling Chaos is a 10 track, pure metal journey, with nostalgic riffs and chant filled vocals. Just straight horns in the air metal. Take the time to grab this album and sit back and be prepared to be transformed to a younger you.

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